About Us

“Us” comprises me, Alan Fenwick, and Andrew Stopa. We are both Chartered Accountants and struggle with conventional job titles. We apply ourselves as a collaborative effort and whilst we have similar ‘base skills’ we also have complementary skills that allow us, in our opinion, to approach our work with a more rounded perspective.

Alan Fenwick B.Bus., CA

I was admitted as a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (formerly the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia) on 1 January 1986.

After working for various accounting firms ranging from the top tier through to a sole practitioner I commenced my own practice in May 1994.

My interest in accounting started in high school and hasn’t waned.

Andrew Stopa B.Com., CA

After graduating with my degree from university, I secured a position in 2008 with a mid-tier city firm. In 2010 I began working with Alan and have been here since. I became a CA in 2011.